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  • False Alarms

    The Smiths Falls Police Service responds to hundreds of false alarms every year. False alarms are a waste of valuable police time and resources. Repeatedly responding to false alarms creates longer wait times for legitimate calls and could potentially increase officer response time to serious criminal offences or life-threatening emergencies.

    Here are some tips to help prevent false alarms:
    • Make sure that everyone in your house or business are familiar with the use of the alarm system, and have entry codes based on their required level of access (i.e. a store manager would have full arm / disarm access, while a supervisor may only be able to arm / disarm interior motion detectors and the main entrance).
    • If you have cleaners in your building overnight, carefully instruct them about where they can and can not go inside your business without activating the alarm. Walk them through the facility showing them which doors and areas are off-limits.
    • Notify your alarm company if you have overnight cleaners.
    • Immediately call your alarm company if you notice or suspect any defects in the alarm system components or wiring (ie. exposed or cut wires)
    • Call your alarm company, and advise them if you will be going away for an extended period of time.
    • Call your alarm company to advise them of any irregularities that may occur in the opening or closing of your business, or if you will be expecting a false alarm.
    • Provide your alarm company with an updated phone list every 3-6 months with at least 3 persons, one of whom will ALWAYS be available. Cellular phone and pager numbers should be included.








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