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  • Frauds and Scams

    This page provides information on various frauds and scams that have been and may still be active in Smiths Falls. This information is meant only as a helpful resource and details of each fraud or scam may vary or completely change from one incident to the next.

    For more a comprehensive list of Frauds and Scams, see the Fraud and Scam Prevention and Information section on our Crime Prevention Links page.

    • Online Used Vehicle Fraud
      Scammers are using online buy and sell websites to defraud victims into buying vehicles that never arrive. Residents are warned to be cautious of any purchases online. For more information, read Fraud Alert - Online Vehicle Fraud.

    • Area Code Scam
      Area code scam's that coax phone owners into making very expensive long distance phone calls are resurfacing and now targeting cell phone owners as well. Smiths Falls police have taken a few recent reports. For more information, read Phone Area Code Scam.

    • Big Brother/Big Sisters Phone Scam
      The caller claims to be collecting for Big Brothers and Big Sisters (BBBS) on behalf of the Smiths Falls Police Service. Smiths Falls Police and BBBS are not engage in a telephone fund raising effort and BBBS has informed police as a practice they do not cold call for donations.

    • Phone Computer Tech Scam
      This phone scam usually involves calls from scammers claiming to be from Microsoft or other PC companies. The scammer attempts to hack the victims computer by claiming that someone has already done this. For more information, read Phone Computer Tech Scam.

    • Family Phone Scam
      This phone scam usually targets elderly citizens and involves the scammer trying to convince the victim they are a relative in need of money for bail. For more information, read Fraud Alert - Family phone scam.

    • Mystery Shopper Scam
      Police wish to alert citizens regarding the Mystery Shopper Scam as it is continuing to surface in Smiths Falls. The scam involves having the victim participate in a mystery shopper program and/or completing mystery shopping surveys through the internet. The victim may receive an official looking document along with an authentic looking but fraudulent and/or stolen cheque.

      The document will contain detailed instructions on how to participate in the Mystery Shopper Program. The document may list government agencies along with well known businesses as targets, in order to make the program seem that much more legit. Contact names and phone numbers may also be provided.

      Citizens are reminded to use caution with any of these types of letters or emails and to contact police with any concerns or suspicions.

    • Bank Email Scam
      A common email scam uses unsolicited email to try and deceive victims into disclosing confidential personal information. For more information, read Bank Email Scam.

    • Robbed while traveling abroad
      If you receive an email from a friend, family member or acquaintance asking for money to help them out of a desperate situation, be warned it may be a scam. For more information, read Robbed while traveling abroad Email Scam.

    • Prize Claim Scam Scammers are sending letters, calling and using email to trick victims into paying fees for prizes they will never receive. For more information, read Prize Claim Scam.

    • Magazine Fraud
      Smiths Falls Police would like to warn citizens and businesses regarding an alleged magazine fraud. Complainant's report being solicited by phone to advertise in a "Police News" magazine. However, the advertisement and the publication is not what they expected. Also, the magazine has no confirmed affiliation with a Police Service. Citizens and businesses should take care and research anything before signing up for phone and/or door-to-door solicitation of products and services.
    • Tax Time Frauds
      Tax time provides fraudsters with the opportunity to scam people. The Canadian Anti-fraud Centre has received numerous reports in regards to tax frauds. Read more.








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