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  • Home Security Tips

    Breaking and entering is largely a crime of opportunity. You can help reduce this opportunity by engaging in effective target-hardening of your property, and by making some simple adjustments to your house before you leave on vacation.

    Interior Security
    • Install dead bolt locks on all exterior doors and self tapping screws in the upper track of patio doors and windows.
    • Lock all doors and windows when going out.
    • Ensure that entry locks are changed or re-keyed, if you are a new tenant or owner.
    • Secure all basement and ground level windows and patio doors. Use lexon glass where appropriate.
    • Insure your home and its contents, and store valuables in a safety deposit box.
    • Take an inventory of your possessions, such as all electronic equipment and tools. Pictures and receipts are a good way of doing this.
    • Store credit cards, identification, and other valuables in a safe place.
    • Store your car and house keys in a safe and secure place.
    • Do not leave purses and valuables in sight of people at your front door.
    • Do not rely on a security system to protect you. Security systems should only be used as an addition to other security measures.
    • Use curtains on all of your windows to prevent outsider's from "window-shopping" for goods.
    • Give your home the lived-in look with automatic light timers.

    Exterior Security
    • Have all newspapers and mail picked up, lawns cut or snow removed when you are away from home.
    • Trim all shrubs and trees so that doors and windows are in clear view.
    • Keep ladders and garbage pails locked up.
    • Keep your tools locked inside your garage or shed. These tools can be used to break into your house.
    • Remove obstructions on your property that could hide a thief.
    • Do not leave notes on your door.
    • Do not hide spare keys outside.
    • Do not put a name plate with your full name outside of your house. A robber can use this information to look up your phone number, and call your house to see if it is occupied.

    Vacation Security
    • Discontinue mail and newspaper delivery.
    • Make sure that all possible entrances to your house are secured.
    • Make sure that your neighbours are aware that you are going away and for how long. Leave a key with someone you trust.
    • Arrange with someone to pick up any mail or newspapers that are left on your step or in your mailbox.
    • If you will be away for an extended period of time, contact your alarm company and advise them of your absence.
    • Use a timer to switch various household lights on at night and off in the morning.
    • Have someone come in and re-position curtains occasionally.
    • In general, with the help of friends and neighbours try to avoid the appearance that your home is deserted. A few dollars to a neighbourhood person for yard maintenance can be money well spent.

    General Safety and Security Tips
    • Join Operation Identification - Engrave your property with your social insurance number or your name. This will discourages theft and help identify stolen property.
    • Maintain an inventory of all household possessions.
    • Make your home fire-safe and eliminate all fire hazards. Install and test smoke alarms and plan an escape route.
    • Insist on seeing the identification of all solicitors or service people who come into your house - invited or not.
    • Check the references of all individuals you employ to work in your home.
    • Do not give information to unknown people on the phone or at the door. Be suspicious of people who ring the doorbell at "the wrong house" or who have called "the wrong number".
    • Be cautious of con games and consumer frauds. Don't sign contracts without expert opinions.
    • List only surname and initials in the telephone book.







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