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  • S.T.E.P. - Strategic Traffic Enforcement Program

    Smiths Falls Police utilize the Strategic Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP) as part of our ongoing commitment to improve road safety.

    STEP works by having our officers focus enforcement on different areas of concern each month regarding drivers, vehicles and traffic. The subject of enforcement is based on problems identified through collisions, officer observations and citizen concerns.

    STEP can be an effective tool in correcting driver errors, addressing unsafe vehicles and improving traffic. Citizens are encouraged to contact our service if they have concerns over specific traffic related issues they would like to see as a focus of STEP.

    The ultimate goal of STEP is to make our roads safer for everyone in our community.

    b>STEP for October 2019 - Seatbelts


    Every Person in a Motor Vehicle MUST wear a Seatbelt

    All Ontario motor vehicle drivers and passengers must wear a seatbelt that is

    Properly adjusted

    Securely fastened

    Drivers are also responsible for ensuring any children who are not big enough or old enough to use a seatbelt are secured in an appropriate child car seat or booster seat.

    If you wear a seatbelt properly, you are more likely to survive a crash. Evidence shows that Ontario's seatbelt law works and has helped strengthen the road safety record.

    Recent statistics show that 96 per cent of all Ontarians buckle up on a regular basis - but about half a million still don't.

    The most recent Ontario statistics show that people in collisions were 36-times more likely to be killed if they were not wearing a seatbelt.

    Since Ontario introduced seatbelt legislation in 1976, it is estimated that over 9,000 lives have been saved.

    Since 2003, Ontario has made child car seats mandatory and required that every person in the vehicle wear their own seatbelt - one person, one seatbelt.

    Seatbelt tips

    Wear your seatbelt so that it crosses your chest and your lower hips - these areas of the body are better able to resist the force of a crash

    Make sure you have one working seatbelt for every person in your vehicle.

    If you're pregnant, you still need to wear a seatbelt.

    Passengers over age 16

    Passengers who are 16 years of age or older are responsible for buckling up themselves.

    Seatbelt fines

    If you are driving, you can face a fine if you or anyone in your vehicle under age 16 is not wearing a seatbelt or secured in a proper child seat. If you are convicted, you will:

    Be fined between $200 and $1,000. Set fine and surcharge is $240

    Receive two demerit points -

    The Smiths Falls Police Service will be looking for and enforcing these sections of the Highway Traffic and all rules of the Road.

    If you would like to report any of these infractions please call the Smiths Falls Police Service at 613-283-0357 or for an emergency 911 or your local police service.








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