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  • S.T.E.P. - Strategic Traffic Enforcement Program

    Smiths Falls Police utilize the Strategic Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP) as part of our ongoing commitment to improve road safety.

    STEP works by having our officers focus enforcement on different areas of concern each month regarding drivers, vehicles and traffic. The subject of enforcement is based on problems identified through collisions, officer observations and citizen concerns.

    STEP can be an effective tool in correcting driver errors, addressing unsafe vehicles and improving traffic. Citizens are encouraged to contact our service if they have concerns over specific traffic related issues they would like to see as a focus of STEP.

    The ultimate goal of STEP is to make our roads safer for everyone in our community.

    STEP Program for January 2018

    Now that winter is upon us and we are starting to see snow storms, it is time that motorists are reminded of some of the laws.

    Some of those laws are clearing the snow or any debris off or in your motor vehicle.

    Number plate to be kept clean Section 13. (2) Every number plate shall be kept free from dirt and obstruction and shall be affixed so that the entire number plate, including the numbers, is plainly visible at all times, and the view of the number plate shall not be obscured or obstructed by spare tires, bumper bars, any part of the vehicle, any attachments to the vehicle or the load carried

    Windshield and Windows

    Section 74. (1) No person shall drive a motor vehicle upon a highway, (a) unless the windshield and the windows on either side of the compartment containing the steering wheel are in such a condition as to afford the driver a clear view to the front and side of the motor vehicle; and (b) unless the rear window is in such a condition as to afford the driver a clear view to the rear of the motor vehicle.

    This is dangerous and can cause an accident. This not only applies to the debris on the outside of your motor vehicle, but there are also laws about items obstructing the driver's view from inside the motor vehicle.

    Remember to always remove the snow not only from the windows and Licence Plates, but the roof as well. If the snow on the roof slides forward or backward while putting the motor vehicle in motion the snow could slide down onto the windows of the motor vehicle or come off affecting another motor vehicle or the roadway.

    The penalty for these offences start at $110.00 and increase from there.

    The Strategic Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP) for the month of January is obscured or dirty plates and windows. Smiths Falls Police Officers will be out there enforcing these and all Highway Traffic Act Laws.

    For these laws and more information, please check out the Smiths Falls Police Service Website at www.sfps.ca

    This is only a partial listing of the regulations and laws. Please visit the Smiths Falls Police Website at www.sfps.ca for further information and links. Smiths Falls Police Officers will be enforcing these and all infractions of the Law including the Highway Traffic Act, keeping our roadways safe.

    If you would like to report any of these infractions please call the Smiths Falls Police Service at 613-283-0357 or for an emergency 911 or your local police service.








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