Press Release

Road Safety Week May 18-24th

Smiths Falls Police participated in the annual road safety week that’s conducted across Ontario. The campaign focusing on any type of behaviours that would put other drivers and pedestrians at risk, such as impaired and aggressive driving.

Officers here do it while also responding to a number of calls for service. During this week, officers also conducted random spot/RIDE checks as well in various areas around town. 

The follow tickets were issued in relation to this campaign to prevent impaired and aggressive driving. 27 tickets for speed, 4 tickets for running stop signs, 4 tickets for running red/amber lights, 1 ticket for handheld device, 1 for seatbelt, 1 for drive left of centre, 1 drive having liquor readily available, 1 for liquor in open container other than residence, 1 ticket for an unsafe move, 1 criminal code arrest for impaired by drugs and alcohol and 1 arrest for refusal of demand for impaired driving related offence.

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