Members of the Smiths Falls Police Service are responsible for enforcing provincial and municipal traffic laws within the town limits. The Smiths Falls Police Service investigates all major traffic accidents, and works in conjunction with the Ministry of Transportation to conduct safety inspections on truck and passenger vehicles.

The goal of enforcement is to improve road safety for all and to assist officers in this role, our patrol cars are equipped with several features.

Front mounted push-bars enable officers to control movement of suspect vehicles or move damaged or disabled vehicles from busy intersections.

On board video cameras help officers gather evidence for a wide variety of offences, including aggressive and impaired driving.

Mobile Doppler Radar mounted on the front and rear of the patrol cars enables officers to capture speeds while moving in traffic. In fact, this versatile unit can record the speeds of vehicles approaching or traveling in the same direction of the patrol car from either ahead or behind.

The service has also invested in hand-held Radar and Laser devices to allow officer to conduct stationary monitoring of speed, particularly in areas of concern. Such as school zones, busy streets and quiet residential areas.

The Speed Laser from Laser Atlanta is an extremely fast and accurate speed measuring device.

The unit provides readings of target speed in 0.3 seconds at a range up to 7000 feet or 2,133 meters. The unit is also highly precise allowing for targeting of specific vehicles in heavy traffic.

Arrive Alive – Operation Lookout

Impaired driving is still a leading cause of deaths and it costs taxpayers billions of dollars annually. Arrive Alive – Operation Lookout is a campaign set up to encourage people to report impaired drivers. The Smiths Falls Police are a part of this great program and signs can be seen posted at each entrance into town.

Click here for more information on Arrive Alive – Operation Lookout.

May of each year marks Canada Road Safety Week, a national campaign to make Canada’s roads the safest in the world. The Smiths Falls Police Service endorses and actively participates in this great initiative.