Smiths Falls Police utilize the Strategic Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP) as part of our ongoing commitment to improve road safety.

STEP works by having our officers focus enforcement on different areas of concern each month regarding drivers, vehicles and traffic. The subject of enforcement is based on problems identified through collisions, officer observations and citizen concerns.

STEP can be an effective tool in correcting driver errors, addressing unsafe vehicles and improving traffic. Citizens are encouraged to contact our service if they have concerns over specific traffic related issues they would like to see as a focus of STEP.

The ultimate goal of STEP is to make our roads safer for everyone in our community.

STEP for December 2020 – Impaired Driving

In Ontario, drivers with a Blood Alcohol Count (BAC) over .08 or who refuse to provide a breath sample will have their licence suspended immediately for 90 days. This is separate from any charges for a drinking and driving the driver may face. These drivers will also have the vehicle they are driving impounded for seven days. Impaired boaters face the same consequences as impaired drivers.

Minimum consequences for drivers convicted of impaired driving or over .08 BACor refusing to provide a breath sample are:

One-year driver licence suspension (reducible to three months under certain circumstances).

One-year ignition interlock condition upon reinstatement (up to three years for repeat offenders)

Back on Track program (alcohol assessment and education)

Minimum fine paid as part of federal consequences

Licence reinstatement fee

Increased insurance premiums ($5,000 annually for minimum three years)

Legal costs (if retained; paid to your own legal counsel)

Criminal Record

Repeat offenders face greater consequences and longer licence suspensions.

Drivers aged 21 and under must have a zero BAC when driving. Otherwise they face:

an immediate 24-hour licence suspension, or

a 30-day suspension and up to $500 in fines

This is only a partial listing of the regulations and laws. Please visit the Smiths Falls Police Website at www.sfps.ca for further information and links.

The Smiths Falls Police Service will be looking for and enforcing these sections of the Highway Traffic and all rules of the Road.

If you would like to report any of these infractions please call the Smiths Falls Police Service at 613-283-0357 x 0 or for an emergency 911.